Residential Heating & Air Conditioning

    Most of us spend a large portion of our time at home with family. When the weather outside is too hot or too cold our homes give us shelter in a perfectly warmed or cooled environment. But what happens when your heating or cooling system fails? The home of your dreams, becomes a nightmare trapped in freezing temperatures or unbearable heat. At Hawk PHAC we understand how undesirable the feeling is to be too hot or too cold, that is why we have some of the best HVAC techs in the area. We can easily asses and repair any problems with your heating or cooling unit, quickly. For over 30 years the residents of Fort Worth and surrounding TX communities have counted on the professionals at Hawk PHAC. We can help you too! Call us today for an estimate.

    Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

    Replacing an old heating and/or cooling unit in your home is a decision you should never take lightly. You want to make sure you have a licensed HVAC professional handling the job for you. This ensures the work is done correctly and insured. Hawk PHAC is licensed, bonded and insured to give our clients peace of mind in every piece of work we do. We have knowledge and experience in most heating & cooling brands and units. Our team of dedicated professionals can not only help you replace your old units and install your new units, we can also help you choose the right heating and cooling system to meet your home’s needs. When it’s time to install a new heating or cooling unit in your home there are several things you should know to be able to choose the right unit for you & your family.

    • Size: How large of a unit you need to heat and cool your home. You want to make sure the correct size matches the size of space needed to be heated or cooled.
    • Efficiency: How much energy will the unit need to run.
    • Programmable Thermostats: This can help you reduce your energy cost by 20%.

    If you are looking to replace an old heating or cooling unit and need to install a new one, call Hawk PHAC. Our highly-trained contractors can help you choose the right unit for your living space. We can easily replace your old system with a new system that can bring you and your family comfort year around.