How Fall Holidays Can Result in Slow Drains

If you plan on hosting events at your Fort Worth home this fall, then your home is susceptible to slow drains.  Whether you carve pumpkins or cook a big turkey feast, your kitchen and bathroom drains are at risk of clogging or needing repair services.

Holiday Meals

Cooking a meal for several people can leave you with a slow drain in your kitchen sink by the end of the day!  If your drain already has buildup from grease or debris, then it is easy to clog a drain after a big event.  Your garbage disposal may work overtime all day and miss some things going down the drain.  Or, items can be put into the drain that shouldn’t go into your kitchen sink at all. 

How to Protect Your Kitchen Sink from a Clog

  • When you hold an event, consider having everyone scrape all food and debris into a trash can instead of the sink.
  • Give one person the job of gathering and scraping dishes into the trash can.
  • Have sink strainers in your sink, so that nothing washes down the drains.
  • Place labeled containers by your sink for grease, coffee grounds, and compost.
  • Place a list of guidelines for what can and can’t go into your garbage disposal.

How to Prevent Bathrooms from Clogging During Events and Fall Holidays:

  • Just like in your kitchen, hang a sign that has reminders of what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet.
  • Use sink guards or filters for your shower drain and sink drains.  These protect your pipes from bits of debris, soap, conditioner, and toothpaste.  Hair is the biggest problem in a bathroom drain, so a hair trap is also a great way to make sure that you collect anything before it clogs the smaller pipes in your bathroom.
  • Consider using a thinner toilet paper so that it decomposes better.  Thicker toilet paper can clog a toilet! 
  • Place a plunger beside the toilet, for those times when it does clog or drains slow. 
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