Do You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

In Fort Worth, our air conditioning units are vital during the hot spring and summer months. However, your A/C units can run into some wear and tear over time and will need replacement. If you do not replace your A/C unit in a timely manner, you could run into further damage over time. Here’s how to tell if you need an A/C replacement.

#1: Your Unit Is Making Strange Sounds

A noisy A/C system is not normal. If you notice sounds such as squeaking, rattling, chattering, or grinding while you’re running your air conditioning, this is a strong sign that you need a replacement. Usually, this issue means that you have a serious issue with the unit, such as a broken motor or a slipped belt.

#2: You Do Not Receive Any Cool Air

Your A/C unit’s prime objective is to deliver cool air to your home. If it is not performing this function, this is a sign that damage is present, and the unit needs a replacement. Many different factors can contribute to a lack of cool air, such as a broken compressor or an ill-functioning motor. Whatever the case, if your A/C is not blowing cool air, you need a new one.

#3: You Notice an Unpleasant Odor

Just like strange sounds, strange smells are not normal when it comes to air-conditioning. Manufacturers design your unit to emit neutral-smelling air and if you notice any scent, you may need a replacement. If you smell a burning stench from your A/C, your unit is likely experiencing serious damage and you should turn it off right away.

#4: You Have Higher Energy Bills

An inefficient A/C system will lead you to crank the unit to receive the same effects. As a result, your cooling system will use more energy and you will see higher charges than normal on your monthly energy bills. Investing in an A/C replacement can help lower your energy costs.

If you notice any of the following signs in your air conditioning unit, seek a replacement immediately. Contact Hawk Plumbing, Heating, & Air today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Fort Worth, Texas.


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