How to Test a Toilet for Leaks

    Toilet leaks can quickly cause your water bill costs to skyrocket, but sometimes it can be difficult to know if and where your toilet may be leaking. To avoid the exorbitant water costs of a leak, it is good to know what signs to look for that may be telling of a crack or even a hole in your toilet.

    The Sounds

    One of the first signs you might notice if your toilet has a leak is the sound it makes when you flush it. If it is a small leak, it could be near impossible to hear. However, a larger and more problematic leak will be making noise whenever the toilet is running, like after you flush.

    You might also be able to notice some small ripples in the toilet water when it is supposed to be still. This is another indicator that your toilet bowl is cracked and leaking water. Even small leaks will end up wasting an immense amount of water and drive your water bill costs through the roof.

    The Color Test

    To test if your toilet is leaking, you can put a few drops of any common store-bought food coloring into the toilet tank above the toilet bowl. Wait for about 25 to 30 minutes. If your toilet has any cracks or leaks, the food coloring will spill into the toilet bowl, and you will be able to see the color change in the bowl.

    Call in the Professionals

    If you make your own repairs like cleaning the flapper, a common cause of minor leaks, and you still find that your toilet is leaking, it may be time for more serious repairs from a professional plumber. If you are having problems with your toilet in Fort Worth, Texas, contact us today, and we can schedule an appointment to inspect any issues.

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